This track became the instruction for many heavy sound bands that were creating music later. At that time, Black Sabbath didn’t new that they created something so important. Read about the process of creating the track.

Recording of the “Paranoid” by Black Sabbath

One of their best songs – “Paranoid” – Black Sabbath was recorded spontaneously and did not expect it to become so popular. Initially, this three-minute track was created just to score extra space on the record. But in the end, “Paranoid” very much surprised its creators. It became the first single of the band, which raised to 4th place in the British charts. It is now one of the classic examples of heavy music and a precursor of punk rock. Listen to to find more interesting music.

The song appeared in 1970, just two years after the creation of a young British rock band, which later become an idol. The band recorded this track in just half an hour, and much later than the other tracks for the 2nd album. Most of the material was prepared while working on the first album, therefore, it took just a couple of days for the musicians to record a new LP. But when the work was almost completed, it turned out that there were still 3 minutes left on the plate that needed to be filled with something urgently. This “something” was the song “Paranoid”.

A simple riff by guitarist Tony Iommi was created during a lunch break when he was left alone in the studio. Then, returning to the studio, Terry Butler began to play along with him on the bass. And soon the rhythmic sounds of the drum set were heard: Bill Ward joined the friends.