MobileGo is the 1st gaming platform that has a cryptocurrency. Clearly, it caused quite a buzz all over the Internet. It is a hot topic on Reddit as well since it has so much to discuss. People already consider Reddit as the Internet’s front cover. There everyone can find the most actual information on what’s going on in the world.
The review of MobileGo Reddit’s users discussed a lot. The main idea of the platform is that the users can pay for their gaming activities like purchasing the games themselves and object in the games using the cryptocurrency. This currency is in form of MGO tokens. What does it mean? What are the advantages of using this platform or these tokens?
First of all, regardless of all hardships, the token has built itself as a respected, profitable, and reliable one. It has a lot to offer to gamers, game developers, and investors. Gamers get the reliable payment method and extra perks for loyalty. Game developers get a fast method of withdrawing money. Investors have a great opportunity for long-term investments.
People discussed MobileGo on Reddit a lot, especially their MGO tokens. If you want to find out how it works and its ICO, you can visit their official website or social media accounts. It’s a curious fact that the 1st day kicked ICO off with $4m. Eventually, it got to $26m becoming one of the best ICO ever. The platform works with the top blockchain technologies like Ethereum and Waves securing the high speed of transactions. In addition, the users can exchange those currencies (as well as Bitcoin) for the tokens.
The platform offers more than 300 games. What’s more, its features allow decentralized tournaments and games. The tokens can be used for rewards and various fees. Behind the platform, there is a much bigger goal. It unites gamers from all over the world and gradually building their community.
It caused tons of hype and is discussed all over the places, including Reddit. The people’s points of view are different. Some people like it and fully support. Some don’t get the idea or why it’s so revolutionary. Regardless of that, the company is growing and expanding gradually. The tea of founders is currently planning to expand their influence on other countries. That’s why they talk to some IT companies and try to figure it out.