Nowadays the Internet has become the commodity almost everyone can afford. However, not so many people think about the way it works and what they risk when going online. The recent Facebook scandal made many people reevaluate their value of privacy and think harder on how to keep Internet surfing safe.

There are many options you can use and the most common ones are VPN and proxy servers. And while VPN is fine for an average user, proxies are essential for business purposes. So, let’s focus on them.

Proxy servers are the gates between the computer and the Internet. It also performs the functions of a firewall and a web filter meaning it’s like a shield from the dangers of the Internet. Go to to see the best-suited options.

The biggest advantage of such a server for business is that it stores the website data in the cloud and the users won’t see it crash. This is a sort of protection from overloading. What’s more, they secure anonymity and hide the real IP address behind others.

If your business doesn’t want to ruin its public image, they need to make everything possible to save the site from the hackers’ attacks. Proxy servers reduce the possibility of this case scenario. Using private proxy servers, the company will not only save its reputation but will also attract more visitors and customers by being so reliable.

Furthermore, it’s great not only for the interaction with the rest of the world but inside the business as well. The boss can control the employees by banning certain sites like social media in order to keep the workers focused on the work during the workday.

The private proxy servers eliminate the problem of geo-blocking. They also work as an additional layer of protection since some sites get your information (at least partially) without telling their users about it.

Let’s take Amazon, for example. They definitely use the private proxies to prevent errors and bans on their site. In addition, it works as a safeguard for the company’s information. The same thing should be from the other side of the interaction. The users buy proxy at proxy-Amazon in order to hide their IP address and browse the website without any limits. It becomes more and more popular to order good on the original site and get it delivered via the third-party companies. For some countries, it’s much cheaper than buying at a local store. In this case, hiding IP address is essential.